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Top 10 Must Have Photo Booth Props

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

By now, everyone has heard of a photo booth and the amazing time your guests will have at your event or wedding. Well, I have compiled a list of my top 10 photo booth props that you must have. 1. Wigs.

Probably one of the most popular items from the props table are the wigs. Nothing is better than having pink hair and a pair of big goofy glasses to wear in your photo booth photos.


I combined all of the head pieces because hey - you need them all. The bride is either a princess or a queen on the wedding day, so she must have a headpiece to reflect. What's a queen without her king and his gold shiny crown? Unless shes a viking... because Vikings are cool too!!

3. Boas.

Although the feathers can leave a bit of a mess to clean up at the end of the night, these are a must have prop. Try a multicolored boa with some big goofy shades and you are ready to master the photo booth.

4. Microphones.

Do I even need to explain why this is a must have? To all of the amazing bathroom singers, we a having live auditions for a special feature with the bridal party📷.

5. Masks.

The masks are must haves because of the wide range of characters out there. You can be Spiderman, the Hulk, Darth Vader, or even Mario and Luigi. The masks are a ton of fun for when you want to keep your identity hidden from the the other guests.

Star wars mask inside the Orlando Photo booth by D. Norwood Photography

6. Picture Frames.

Because nothing is more perfect than capturing the moment twice in one frame.

Picture frames inside the Jacksonville Photo booth by D. Norwood Photography


Now here is a world of fun. These glasses are an essential piece to your photo booth ensemble. They complement any crown, boa or wedding dress. Grab a pair to fit your personality at the moment and strike a pose.

8. Stick Signs.

These guys are life savers. They can express just how someone feels at that given time. So, at the wedding you may have the, "Just Married" or "Team Bride/Groom" and at a 70th birthday, "Old Age Ahead". Whatever may tickle your fancy, these are a must.

Stick signs inside the Orlando Photo booth by D. Norwood Photography

9.Children under 12 must be supervised.

Although this one is not a prop, I think it is a must have. Sometimes at the wedding or event people tend to forget that they have kids because the kids are all hanging out at the photo booth. Kids are notorious for "abusing" the unlimited print option and the best way to control that is with a handy dandy sign. 10. Last but definitely not least.....INCREDIBLE HULK HANDS.

I mean... let's be honest, who wouldn't want to HULK SMASH their coworker, the groom or just any other guest who's inside the booth with you at that time.

Incredible Hulk inside the Orlando Photo booth by D. Norwood Photography

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